I love routines. I’m one of those people who would be perfectly happy having the exact same routine every day. 

I think that it’s one of the reasons why I am so drawn to teaching. I have the same schedule every day. While in Korea, I have the same classes either M/W/F or T/Th. Each term they may change, but once they are set then they stay that way for a long period of time. If I’m in Canada, then it’s usually a 5 day cycle.

My body craves routine. I love getting up at the same time every day. I haven’t set an alarm the entire time I have been in Korea, but each day I still wake up between 730-745 in the morning. Always in bed and lights out before 11 at night.

That being said, sometimes I feel a little constricted by my routines. Like on the weekends. Saturday I love to just stay at home. Friday mornings, while I’m at Starbucks doing email and blogging, I make sure to buffer out enough entertainment to last through Saturday.

Saturdays are my down time. I get up like normal, even though I try to sleep in (yesterday I made it to 8:02! hehe). Then laundry, and home cooking. Making enough to save for at least one meal during the week. Clean off and re-do nails. In the afternoon, I always cut out at least an hour to work on writing. It’s this perfect little routine filled day.

After that, on Sundays I head back out. But once I have internet in my home, I’m not sure if that will continue. I love the down time and being lazy. Although I know in my heart I should be OUT! I’m in this new city and it’s all exciting. I’ve never lived in a city so big. I should be exploring and doing touristy things. I want to put Sunday as a “going out” day but until I have internet at home I can’t really see that happening. I’ve never really been the type to go and be outgoing. It doesn’t really bother me most of the time, but sometimes it does. I’d rather sit at home with my nose in a book and a cup of hot choco beside me.

So I just delve right into my comfortable routine – work during the week, and on my days off I stay in. Cozy and relaxing. Alone except for my thoughts and my key board.


6 thoughts on “Routines

    • Oh, yes for sure!! When I went home last time I really regretted not doing a few things, so they are on the list for when the weather warms up. Don’t really want to be going on outdoor tours in the drizzling rain haha.


    • The city I live in now is about the same size. A handful of different neighbourhoods that are all part of Incheon but are their own little world kind of. It’s a little overwhelming! haha. This weekend was super lazy for me…I’m hoping to fix that next week.

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