Weekly Roundup!

Didn’t really have a topic to write about today, just a few things that have been jumping around in my brain.

First of all, Doris is behaving today! She felt the pressure of letting the team down yesterday and is rallying today.

Today is the last day for my poetry course at Blogging U. I’m kind of glad it’s done, I found it really hard to write poems each day. Much harder than I thought. I also didn’t expect it to open my heart up as much as it did, so I will miss it tremendously.

I’m SOOO close to getting my alien registration card!! It’s being processed and will be in the mail SOON. YAY! Which means I can finally get a bank account, phone and internet.

Yesterday, a lady who frequents starbucks gave me an orange. She said, in almost perfect English, that she had seen me many times and it was a tiny tiny present for me. How sweet!

The child I made cry, we’re good now. I think it was because I wrote his name in red. Which in Asian cultures is associated with death. That was totally on me. I knew that from last time but totally forgot! Now I have fun coloured markers so hopefully it won’t happen again.

I am hating that I have to spell everything the American way. I’m sorry but there NEEDS to be u’s in certain words. And re, not ER! Ok, rant over 🙂

I’m kinda getting super annoyed at my parents. Every email they seem to ask the same questions. Or one will ask what the other asked last email. They live in the same house! JUST TALK TO EACH OTHER!

Leaving you with these two poems by one of my favourite authors. Maya Angelou (images from google). I personally love to hear her voice, so I have included links for those who wish to just sit, eyes closed, and be washed over by her. They will open in a new tab 🙂

Phenomenal Woman

Still I Rise

3 thoughts on “Weekly Roundup!

  1. Those are great poems. I am kinda sad that the poetry class is ending. I never wrote poetry before so this new thing was a fun experience. I’ll probably keep it as a weekly thing. Maybe Poetry Saturdays? I don’t know yet. So what words annoy you the most!


    • I am sad too! I’ve written a few poems before this. And still write when the mood strikes me, so I’m sure it will again soon enough 🙂

      The words that annoy me the most? Like American spelling? Lol mostly colour and favourite. Since I write them a lot for the kids. Centre, theatre, etc. I was once scoulded by an American for the way that I said the word “process” I say it more like “prawcess” not “prOcess” and then I had to have a chat with the lead Korean teacher at the school saying that I had to teach the kids the American way…… but that was my last trip.

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