Goodbye, Auf Wiedersehen, annyeong

Today’s poetry topic is farewell. It’s the last day, so it’s fitting. 

Goodbyes are always happening,
Leave the room, the house, the city.
But I never stop to consider them,
Which really is a pity.

Goodbye to my room!
I’ve made the bed, tidied the floor.
Doesn’t really matter where I go,
I know I’ll see you once more.

Goodbye to my country!
Bags are packed and checked in security.
I’ll waste some time in the airport,
My trip boasting of my maturity.

Goodbye to my family!
Pain and resentment are left behind.
Emotions will continue on,
To their presence I will pretend to be blind.

Goodbye to my friends!
Your presence will be lacking.
With our bonds so strong and true,
Mementos of you were included in my packing.

Goodbye to my normal.
You change almost daily.
New adventures, friends and experiences,
I will accept them all gaily.

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