It has finally happened!

So it has finally happened, one of my students has noticed Doris. 

I’ve been here 3 weeks now, and it’s just happened now that one of my students has noticed that I wear a wig, Doris.

I could tell she noticed, for this class there are only 2 girls. So I sit on my rolly chair between their two desk and teach sitting down in front of them. It’s just awkward otherwise. And it’s a little more intimate. So I saw her glance at the top of my head and it clicked!! She got up and started whispering with the girl across the aisle.

Now I have NO control over my face at all.  I started panicking inside and blushing outside.  And just kind of talked over them to focus back on their work book. But then she asked “teacher! teacher teacher teacher (yes she said it that many times) uuhhh do you have…..cover?” as she made a circular motion on the top of her head.

Then, in my head, I was all “why are you freaking out?! seriously. it’s nothing to be ashamed of” So i turned to her and said “yes….ummmm……yes” and nodded. I was going to explain but it’s hard enough explaining to a native speaker, try an 8 year old girl who doesn’t speak English very well haha.

Well that was unexpected excitement for the day! Doris has been misbehaving ALL DAY. Not sitting right, feeling weird, like when you have your real hair and it’s parted differently. I even took her off and put her back on again. But my natural hair is poking out the front a little bit. And my braids aren’t staying up where I put them. Not sure what her deal is, but she better pull it together tomorrow.

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