I disappoint myself

I am a disappointment to myself. Yesterday, I had to go to the hospital. Nothing bad! Don’t worry! Just to pick up the results of my health check so that I can get my “Foreign Registration Card”, also known as an “Alien Registration Card”. Yes I am an alien 😉

Anyways, so I went by myself. That made me proud! Woot no reliance on the director! So I got a number and sat waiting for it to be called. I look up and sitting across the room there was a Korean woman who looked EXACTLY like a friend of mine from 4 years ago. Like if it wasn’t her, it could probably be her twin.

But did I go over and say, “Hi, Anna?” No. Did I stand on the bench and shout “YO JIN!!!!” across the crowded waiting room? No.

I sat there like an IDIOT! Thinking, it can’t be her. No way. I’m in a different city this time. It can’t be her.

So I get home, check my facebook, email, contacts – you name it! Do you think I could find her contact info? NO!!! I even searched Linkedin, and did a google search JUST IN CASE! Emailed my recruiter to see if they had an email address for her from 5 years ago. Nopes.

So now I have no way of contacting her, and have no idea if it was actually her or not. And if it was, I lost my one chance to reconnect with her.

Sometimes my shyness and Canadian politeness works against me….


3 thoughts on “I disappoint myself

  1. I would have probably done the same. When I see people that have recognizable faces but I’m not 100% sure I don’t verify. Fear of offending probably.


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