Poetry 101

Another day in Poetry 101. For some reason, poetry always brings me back to love and gushy feelings. The topic for today was fallacy, and it was a hard one to wrap my head around, but I finally did it! And now I’m actually kind of angry! Not at the topic, but at the person that it brought forward in my mind. I don’t have a title for this one…maybe in time one will come to me. 

I stood at the counter,
Wondering if you’d notice me.
You walked up, with your dazzling smile.
Asking questions of an economic nature.

You continued to persist.
Stealing me away, for those little moments.
Inventing a reason,
One they couldn’t refuse.

Slowly your affection grew.
Small touches,
Simple glances that said way too much.
The lingering conversation.

Everyday it was another reason,
Followed by yet another excuse.
An offer I would always accept,
But one you would always revoke.

You kept your promise,
I was elated to no ends.
It was planned, and it was set.
I allowed myself to get excited.

I waited, and I waited.
Thinking how much time was normal.
I returned home, shamed and angered.
Then I waited some more.

Forgetful and apologetic.
I immediately saw through your words.
Something that I had never been able to before.
I saw them for the fallacy they were.

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