Smugly Reading the Classics

Not having internet has provided me with a few unique opportunities, one being the fact that I am reading a lot more now. Before I left home, I made sure to take advantage of the wifi connection on my ipad and I downloaded a large number of free ibooks. Now while getting ready for bed, or in the morning before I head down for coffee and wifi at Starbucks, I sit on my bed and read from my ipad. While I do enjoy having a paper copy book, there is one notable upside to it: I get to read the classics, since most of the free ibooks are all classics.

When people ask what I am reading, I just glance at them like I am someone of class and intelligence and casually say “ooo currently it’s Mark Twain, I’m 300 pages into his The Prince and the Pauper”. While my friends are busy reading what they call “fluff” (aka cheesy romance, Twilight, 50 Shades etc), I slightly turn up my nose and sigh “Oh I see. Well that can’t compare to Leaves of Grass…”

I swear I’m not a stuck up person all the time! Although I do kind of pride myself in never having read the Twilight or 50 Shades books. If that’s your cup of tea, that’s totally fine! I have just never been drawn to them. But there is something about reading the classics that turns me a tiny bit smug. Like I should be a 70 year old, grey haired man. With a pipe and either a monocle or glasses that sit too low on my nose so I can look at you over the top rim. Add a smoking jacket and a mustache and I’d be all set…..If I were a man that is….

Courtesy of Pinterest via Google Search

3 thoughts on “Smugly Reading the Classics

      • I’m doing the Book Tour of the World thing so I’m about to start reading Dance Dance Dance by Haruki Murakami.But I’ve barely even started so no impressions yet. I started reading the same author’s book Kafka on the Shore until I realized that I’ve read it before. I remember that it was a good book, so if you’re not familiar with that… 🙂


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