5 Celebrities

I wonder who thought up that list that people have – you know the one where it’s the 5 celebrities that you’d be able to cheat on your current partner with, or if you ever had the chance those 5 people would be the ones you’d sleep with? Like who just sits there and is like “Ya know what, I’m in this relationship BUT if I could, here is a list of people I’d have sex with, no strings attached and no consequences”. Like sure I guess it’s a pretty neat idea, but it’s just objectifying those people and sexualizing them. Remember that episode of Friends where Ross makes his list and then laminates it? Then he runs into number 6 on his list and he tries to explain to her that it was just a mistake that she wasn’t on the list, but then she brings up the fact that his list is actually laminated so it must not be a mistake? (whoa run on sentence much!?)

Well, for the sake of being part of the cool kids, I’m going to give you TWO lists, why two? Cos I can – that’s why! For the record I own none of these pictures, they were all obtained via google search.

So first, the 5 that would be on my naughty list:

Shemar Moore


Nyle Dimarco

Ryan Reynolds

Michael Ealy

Ralph Fiennes *view below*


No explanation needed for any of those guys right there. They are smoking hot! But the list I think you’ll be more interested in is below, the 5 acting professionals that I will see their work no questions asked.

Kate Winslet: How wonderful is her acting career? I will go see any movie that she puts out. Not only is she a great actress, but I also think she is a great role model for women. She is very open about anti-photo shopping practices, and healthy body images for women – especially for her daughter.

Emma Thompson: Pretty much the same reasons as Kate. I have yet to see anything that she has done that I would deem a waste of my time. She puts out quality roles. She has a gift that is so far reaching that I can’t even fathom all the different roles she has to her name. 

Colin Firth: of course, like who is better? This started with Pride and Prejudice but the man has skills. 

The Canadian Ryans: That’s Reynolds and Gosling. I wouldn’t say that I enjoy all their stuff, but if they are in it I will most definitely go and check it out. I’ll lump them together just for the sake of keeping my list to 5. (bonus points to me for finding a picture of them already spliced together!)

Ralph Fiennes: This man – omg THIS MAN! Ok, so I need to give a little bit of background for Ralph and me. First of all, for all of you who don’t know, it’s pronounced Raife, not Ralph. But his parents decided that they needed to be difficult I guess? I connect with him on this level, my parents also decided to spell my name weird (putting a “y” where an “i” normally is). Who is Ralph Fiennes? Hardly any of my friends know who he is, I guess most people would know him from playing Voldemort. Which he didn’t even want to do at first but then he found out how evil Voldemort is and that little kids were scared of him! What a guy! He’s also in Schindler’s List as the evil German, and The English Patient as the one in the bandages. I have seen almost EVERY SINGLE movie he has ever done. Even “Red Dragon” which I had to stop half way through because I was scared, and Skyfall which is a James Bond Movie and I loathe James Bond movies! I watched THE WHOLE THING for like 5 minutes of Ralph. 

Some of his earlier work is hard to get a hold of, even in the age of internet that we live in. My love affair with Ralph started when I was 12 (1999) – my mom bought this new movie called Onegin and we watched it together. It’s based of this Russian novel and it’s kind of dark and I probably shouldn’t have been watching it at 12? But too late to turn back the clock on that one. He immediately became my Hollywood crush and I have loved him ever since. The saddest day of my life was when I was 13. We were moving and we had the VHS box for Onegin but no movie. We packed up, moved, unpacked and still no VHS so my mom threw out the box, thinking it was lost forever. My parents moved again 9 years later. In unpacking at the new house, my mom FOUND THE VHS!! Like seriously, it was hiding for 10 years! By this time, my brother had replaced it with a dvd – the case for which now sits in Ontario, empty because the DVD is in Korea with me. I wasn’t leaving it there! Don’t worry, I made sure to tell my mom I had the dvd, she doesn’t love it anymore anyways. 

I’m 28, he’s 53 and, in my opinion, a stone cold silver fox. I don’t care how much older he is than me – if our imaginary love is wrong, I don’t want to be right. I would honestly up and move to England right this second if he asked -no questions asked….just as long as he promised not to be the playboy that some of the press makes him out to be. I’m talking like 3 naked women in a hotel pool type of playboy. Yeah I know, I can really pick the good ones. ok ok, I will stop with the Ralph already. But seriously, why is he so beautiful?! Just look at those baby blues!! I’m drooling all over my laptop, I think the Koreans are starting to notice…..

So there ya have it – my lists! Feel free to share your own lists in the comment section below!


7 thoughts on “5 Celebrities

  1. First of all, we have the same list – and that’s just amazing. You listed three of my choice picks, and I wasn’t sure who Nyle was, but I highly approve!

    I love how fun this piece is, and also that it looks at two different angles of admiration.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Nyle is the most recent winner of America’s Next Top Model lol. But totally awesome that we have 3 of the same people! None of my “irl” friends ever approve of my list haha. Glad to have sane people in the blogging world!

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  2. Lol. Nice post. I only know of Shemar Moore and Ryan Reynolds but I don’t think Shemar is that hot anymore. And, oh, that dude from The Perfect Guy. But that Niles guy is smoking! Lol. My list would definitely include Morris Chestnut, Patrick Dempsey, and… can I cheat and add Adam Levine although he’s a singer? 🙂


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