Movie Themes

This weekend, I took some time to relax at home and just have some time to myself. I decided to watch a few movies, and ended up watching one of my favourites: Save the Last Dance. While watching it, I started wanting to watch more from the same genre, and I started thinking about the nature of Hollywood – yeah I know, my brain is weird.

When Save the Last Dance came out, I was in grade 8 or 9. Everyone I know loved that movie! I wanted to be Sarah, the main character, and I’m pretty sure that it was that movie that started my personal romantic attraction to men of colour (HELLO Sean Patrick Thomas!), which pretty much trumps all other physical attraction traits to this day.

So after StLD, we have so many movies that followed in the “dance movie” genre – the Step Up franchise, Honey, Dirty Dancing Havana Nights (lined that one up for a viewing as soon as I finish typing this out!) etc. It was a solid few years of Hollywood cashing in on the teen love of dance movies. My friends and I depended on them like oxygen. I think it’s also the reason why when I dance, I probably look like Romola Garai in the beginning of Dirty Dancing Havana Nights, but in my head I’m Jessica Alba from Honey grinding all over Shawn Desman.

Thinking on this concept, my brain just jumped around to various other trends that Hollywood has cashed in on:

Spoof Movies: I think these probably started with Scary Movie. Again, this came out when I was just starting high school, and the follow Scary Movie 2, 3 and 4 (or was it 5?) was another franchise that my friends and I bought into. I hate horror movies, and even though these movies were supposed to be funny, I was still scared while watching them and for some reason they made me feel brave. I recently rewatched 1 and 2 on Netflix over the summer and I can’t believe I ever liked them as much as I did! Teenage T had some taste issues that I’m going to try to remove from my memories. Of course then there were all the “another teen movie” spoofs as well.

Heist movies: Do we all remember when the remake of Oceans 11 came out? With Brad Pitt and George Clooney? And then all the other heist movies came out? The Italian Job, Entrapment, Oceans 12 and 13. Hollywood jumped on that band wagon too!

Sports Movies: Miracle, Bend it like Beckham, She’s the Man, Remember the Titans, the Blindside – this one seems to be able to span over decades so I don’t know if you would still call it a trend, but my blog, my insanity, my rules.

Currently, we’re in the Disney remake phase. All the Disney movies are coming out of the woodwork and being remade, and most of them are being turned in to live action. Alice in Wonderland, Into the Woods, Cinderella, Beauty and the Beast (the movie from a few years ago and the new Emma Watson one coming out soon), Maleficent.

So just in the span of 20 minutes, my poor little brain has thought up of all of those. Once a trend emerges with one movie that does REALLY well, it seems like the next year, there are like 2-3 more movies that are released that follow in the same way. I guess it is good marketing for those fat cats down in Hollywood, capitalizing on our nostalgia and wanting to keep that feeling alive that we started off with. I still love my dance movies! I have thoroughly enjoyed my weekend of reminiscing with them.

Any themes or genres that I’ve missed? What do you think of my crack pot theory? Lemme know!


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