Weekend Relaxation

This weekend I took a little bit of time for myself. Since I moved into my little apartment, I’ve been eating out and trying to get on to a decent sleep schedule after jumping ahead 14 hours.  My contract stipulated that I would be getting bedding and a few cooking things to start with – the bedding I bought myself when I arrived Saturday night, and then the director dropped off some dishes on Monday. Since then I’ve really just been grabbing salads from the supermarket for lunch after leaving Starbucks and whatever catches my fancy after leaving work at night for dinner. Friday before work I took the time to go to the store and do a major shop. And then yesterday, I just stayed at home.

It was a very nice relaxing day! Got some laundry started, and cooked all my meals at home. Watched movies most of the day and just had some down time to myself. It is so nice to have the one day where I didn’t have to do up my face with makeup, and my head had a chance to breathe without wearing Doris all day (for those just stopping in, my fake hair is called Doris).

While spending this day at home, I remembered a few things that I wanted to include in my post a few days ago about surviving life in Korea. One thing I love, and one I hate. Hate first: No clothes dryers!! Some people will have a washing machine that will also dry the clothes all in one cycle, but I have never had one of those machines. My pj’s were definitely not dry when I was ready to go to bed. SADDNESS!!! Now for the love: HEATED FLOORS!!! Ooooo yes, all you people living with electric or forced heat in your homes be jealous! In Korea, your house is heated through water pipes in the FLOOR! Wake up in the winter on a cold morning? No biggie, place feet on the floor and it’s already hot! Back pain? Lay flat on the floor to straighten out, and there is a built in heating pad. I LOVE MY HEATED FLOORS!

The one thing I was super excited about getting done was my prompt box. While taking Writing 101 in November, one of the first assignments gave the idea to start a personal prompt box. Since I knew that I would be moving within the month, I didn’t start one then, but I did start a list in the back of a journal I knew I would be taking with me. During my shopping trip, I found this super cute little glass jar with an orange rubber lid. It is the most perfect prompt jar! I had a little bit of free time at work on Friday so I spent it ripping up some paper into strips for it and yesterday morning I began to transfer over my ideas. I ripped the paper down even further so now I have little squares all ready to do. The jar is about ¾ full already! I have around 30 ideas written down to start with. The extra squares even fit nicely into the lid so that they will always be there when I need to write another idea down – I think I added about 3-5 new ideas when I was copying out my list. The lid is even hard enough that I can pull out a square and write on the lid – bonus!

There are only 2 downsides to my prompt box:

  • While I plan to use it when I have no writing ideas, I just want to write about everything RIGHT NOW! I’ve started writing either at night or in the morning so that by the time I get to Starbucks, I already have a post all set to upload and I can spend more time reading the blogs that I follow, but I have so many ideas that I just want to write them all now! I will have to pace myself and not let my addictive personality control me (one of my prompts in the jar!)
  • While in the move, I had a small list of less than 5 ideas that were given to me during the course of Writing 101. I wrote them down on a separate list so I could include more details and the person who sent the request. But I lost it…. It must be tucked into one of the items that I had to leave at home or risk having my suitcase explode. SO if you were one of those people (it was like a month ago I’m sorry I forget!!) Please write me again through my “Ask Me Anything” page which has a contact form. Or, if you are just reading this now and are thinking “Hey! This is one pretty rad chick, I wonder what she thinks about……” Then head over there too and hit me up! If you don’t want it to be a private thing, throw some glitter on me with your sparkling ideas in the comment section below J

And without further ado, there is a picture of my adorable new prompt jar:


2 thoughts on “Weekend Relaxation

    • They definitely do make waking up a lot easier! But somehow get much dirtier than regular hardwood floors lol. And I have a year long teaching contract here. So after that year is up we will see! I only lasted a year last time, maybe this time will be different.


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