300 Thursday: Snow!

I woke up this morning to SNOW! I love first snows, as I have mentioned before. But snow in Korea is different than snow in Canada. 

First of all, I’ve never experienced a snow storm here. The most accumulation that I have seen is only about a cm or two. And it doesn’t ever get REALLY cold. Only like -10 or something. When I was picked up by off the bus on Saturday, I was only wearing a sweater and the director asked if I was cold – it was like a solid 5 degrees! He had on his winter coat, hat, scarf, mittens hehe.

All seasons are umbrella season in Korea, women don’t want to ruin their hair in rain or snow (sitting in starbucks looking at a girl RIGHT NOW with a roller in her hair and she is curling her eyelashes hehe) I love carrying my umbrella in the winter! Less snow getting on my coat, and hat, and this year especially, my new “hair”. I just got it in June and haven’t really worn it very much, but now its full time so I’m a little anxious to see how it goes for the next year. Trying out a new style today with my “bangs” flipped up. It feels like its sitting too far back, so we shall see if it lasts all day.

Christmas here is different too. They celebrate it and Christmas day is a “holiday”. Last time it was on a Saturday: all the stores were open and I got mail. It’s so low key. Kids don’t write to santa, and they don’t expect the whole store. The Christmas section at my supermarket: a 3 foot display in the corner of one floor. It is so refreshing, and has affected how I celebrate every year.


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