300 Thursday: Coffee Shop Regular

I’ve started feeling like a hypocrite lately. I used to be one of those people who would walk into a coffee shop and look around at the people there. If I was meeting someone, I’d try to stake out the best seating for us, and throw some shade on that one person who would be taking up and entire section of 13 tables because their backpack had to have its own chair, and their coffee needed to be on it’s own table, and one for a muffin (maybe I exaggerate…). I’d know which people were the regulars and I’d wonder when I’d have to be there to get that primo table right beside the power outlet, close to the window so I could see out, not too close for glare or the sun blindness.

Now I am one of them! Not the 13 table person, I could never be that person! But since I have no internet, I go to the coffee shop every morning. Starbucks opens at 9 so I get up and get ready and head down. Now with my laptop and not just my ipad. I get my drink/snack, set up on a table and just stay put for about 2 hours. Now that I know I can buffer tv shows and movies and watch at home without the internet, I think I might spend less time there….but it was perfect up to this point: wake up, breakfast, get ready, Starbucks till 11:30, grad lunch, go home, get ready for work and head back out again. Now I might actually have to go grocery shopping and have food in my apartment – aside from the loaf of bread, jar of pb&j (all in one jar!), and yogurt cups that currently reside there that is haha!

Oh, first world problems at their best!


2 thoughts on “300 Thursday: Coffee Shop Regular

    • Oh god I hope so!! even just for the piece of mind for online banking. and skype hehe. I would feel so weird skyping in starbucks. but i’ve discovered that i can buffer out tv shows/movies and watch at home later. so i have my laptop buffering away on a whole bunch while i do blog and email things hehe.

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