Its funny how sitting in a coffee shop you can make connections with those around you without the  even noticing it.

Here i am, minding my own busniess and a lady walks in and sits down on the other side of the room. She opens her laptop and starts working away. Maybe she is working on a blog just like i am? Maybe she is watching a tv show she has missed, she does have headphones in by the way. Oh how i wish i could watch the most recent episode of elementary…..i watched half of it in  the airport three days ago but i want to know what happened! Dont tell me! I can wait haha.

But then i take a better look at her while sipping my white mocha. And low and behold, you can see the top if her scalp through her hair. Thats a look i struggle with every day in the mirror. Today, im sitting here with my “hair on” looking all cute for my first day of work. I think i will call my hair Doris. It feels like a Doris. I see the lady sitting there, being more bold than i could be, with her hair slowly failing her. How young she looks. No more than 30 i would guess, but my hair started failing me when i was around 20. You can read about it in a previous post, here.

I like just sitting here, with the warm Korean sun on my back, blending into the background. People talking, freeling expecting that i wont understand them, which i really dont unless they say the word for “white person”. Thats one that i know well.

Ok, so in less than an hour i have made two posts just sitting here in a coffee shop. I think it could be possible that i might have a dependency problem haha. Is there such a thing as “bloggers annoymous”? If so, i think that it would be beneficial to join. Youd think that not having acess to my blog for three days and being forced to type in my ipad which is delayed in showing words and i make more mistakes than correct typing it would deter me from my addiction. Hehe nopes.


7 thoughts on “Connections

    • I am! Its actually my second contract over here – right now comparing the two which I know isn’t the best idea, good things this time and bad, but they will all work out 🙂 its only been 3 days after all haha. I hope to get back into writing every day very soon!


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