The first 300 Thursday

Today has been stressful! Packing my entire life into two suitcases is really hard and takes more time than I had allowed. Thankfully we have black Friday sales and a new luggage set is only $40 instead of $200! My dad will be picking it up later today and then more rearranging! Hopefully the zipper doesn’t pop on one of my bags haha!

I was hoping to get to posting my recommended reads for this week, as per the writing 101 assignment but the day has come away from me…and my laptop is packed away. I never realized how difficult it is to type using an ipad.

So, loyal followers two things: if you are American and celebrating Thanksgiving today, Happy Thanksgiving!!! I hope you enjoy your holiday. Also, this will be my last post for a few days! I might be brave and try the ipad post again in the airport tomorrow but i doubt it.

So farewell from Canada, and I will see you all again very soon from Korea!

170 words! Way below limit 😊 And I do apologize for any typos…silly ipad


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