Suppose to….but instead…

Writing 101 task for today: post through a series of anecdotes with a connecting theme. Not exactly what I’m used to, or how I write but I try never to back away from a challenge! 

We met when we were 15 in high school. We went to different colleges, and then different universities (I changed my mind!). We lived in difference cities for a year or two. We were suppose to date other people, to get a “sense of what was out there”, to get more experience, to know our hearts. But instead, we stayed together.

The promise ring you gave me was beautiful. Most 18 year old boys give silver jewelry with gem stones to say “it is my promise to one day marry you” then 3 months later, the relationship ends from living in different cities. You were not a boy – you were a man. You knew what you wanted and what you had. You were suppose to give small, but instead you gave gold, diamonds, and aquamarine.

Most girls dream their whole lives about their engagement. The man does all the planning, its the most romantic gesture he’ll ever offer. There will be roses and candles and a 5 course meal. He’ll get down on one knee, and he’ll cry and you’ll cry, he’ll ask and you’ll say yes. It was suppose to be big and grand, but instead it was sitting on the couch and a simple exchange of “do you want to get married?” “yes, of course – let’s start planning after the movie” 

The wedding planning was suppose to be hectic, but instead it was calm. We made our own decorations, I didn’t even buy a new dress. I wore that white sundress you love so much. We were suppose to have a church wedding and a huge reception and go into debt, but instead we said our vows with friends and family, and danced the night away at a night club. 

Our wedding was the greatest day! The church was decorated, the caterer and photographer all booked and paid in advance. Our friends and family were all in attendance. Last minute details being sorted out, everyone in their place. The church was almost at standing room only. I needed help from 3 friends to get into my dress – it had so many buttons! Our day was perfect. We were suppose to have a great big wedding and a great long life together, but instead after 2 years we were living our own separate lives and after 4 we were officially divorced.

We had our whole life mapped out in front of us – marriage, a house, children. Happiness. We were suppose to start a family together, but instead you’ve started one with your new love.

We were raised in the church, both of us. It was a good match. We followed the same faith, we went to church together, we prayed together, we loved God together. We set the example for a “good Christian relationship”. We were suppose to get engaged, get married and have children, but instead we got pregnant, got engaged and rushed a wedding. 

That was ok, we knew we were meant to be together. We started fixing up your house, making the improvements it needed to live there. We worked in two different cities and lived in a third. We were suppose to compromise and come up with a solution, but instead I’ve decided to live with my parents during the week to stay at the job I love. Baby and I will come home on the weekend. 

We met in college, we dated and fell in love. We got married in the summer, and spent a (very hazy) week in Jamaica taking full advantage of that swim up pool. We bought a house, and starting doing little weekend jobs it make it more “like us”.

We had our one year anniversary, taking a little bit of time for ourselves. We were suppose to have forever, but instead we had just two more months until, while driving, the motorcycle you were driving collided with a transport truck.


while none of these things have ever happened to me – a big shout out goes to my friends and family whose choices have inspired the little stories. 


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