Mining Memories

For the Writing 101 task today, we were asked to go back through our posts to find inspiration, to check our saved drafts to see if there was anything we could write about. I don’t have any saved drafts, but over the weekend I have been going back and looking at old posts, so this is what I found out:Ā 

When I started this blog, it was more like a personal journal than anything else. A place where I could empty my thoughts on what was happening in my life. I find if I’m writing something, I edit as I write because I don’t want to waste the energy printing it all out just to go back and change things. I like my physical journals to be neat. When I type, I’m more free with my words and then I go back and re-read all my ideas before making changes and posting. It’s much more therapeutic this way.

At the beginning, I didn’t think I would last very long at this, or that I would really have any reason to keep it up once I found a job. I started in August wanting to write every day. After a few weeks it was once every few days, then a whole week would go by… Then I started the two Blogging U courses and now I find that I have a reason to write. That first day logging on and seeing someone had actually read a post – OH, it was like Christmas morning almost. Now I find that my writing style has changed just slightly, knowing that people are reading my posts has made me alter how I word things. Not being untrue to myself, just a different presentation.

Looking forward, I’m a little saddened. Blogging 101 has already ended and I have learned so much from it! Even just the ability to embed a link into my post. Some of my earlier posts have entire URL’s that aren’t even hyperlinked! Shameful I know haha. With Writing 101 wrapping up soon, I hope that I am able to continue to write with as much regularity as I have been these past few weeks. I’ve been so motivated to write and now have a nice prompt list started for those days I think I have nothing to say.

I’d like to think that I’ll be posting every day. Over the last month, it definitely has become part of my morning routine. Get up, check my alerts, go through my reader and read all the new posts there, do my writing task (sometimes those two are switched), and then post my task and read a handful of posts from the commons – usually enough to fill the tab bar on my web browser so you can’t tell what is on each tab. It takes at least an hour, but it’s this lovely hour of reading and getting to know the people who posted that I’ve really come to enjoy.

At the end of this week, I end my unemployment. Sure I was supply teaching a little bit this fall, but I haven’t had a job since before Halloween. Now I’m on leave from the list, and starting in Korea on Monday (omg a week!) So I’ll actually have to work and not just sit at home and write when the feeling strikes me, and spend my day periodically checking my reader for new posts from all you lovely people.

I hope I can keep it up! And feel free to keep me on track – if I disappear for a week, send me a comment telling me to write! It has definitely become the best part of my day and I can’t wait to see where it takes me next!

PS: You guys are pretty awesome! All the likes and comments and support. It’s been amazing so far! Give yourselves a Gold Star today!….and tomorrow too šŸ™‚

4 thoughts on “Mining Memories

  1. You’re posts have been a joy to read and I hope you will continue to do so! I was unsure how I would fair at this blogging stuff but I am really enjoying it! The classes helped me to foster ideas on how I can move forward.

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  2. I started my blog for the same reason, just to write for myself. I branched out a bit with the writing courses as well and I’m glad I did so as it pushed my to write everyday. So we share that in common! šŸ™‚ Congrats on starting in Korea, don’t stop writing!!

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