Mother Nature Says Goodbye

To get into the mood for this post, let Bing serenade you

Yesterday I mentioned that it was starting to snow at my place! Oh how I love that first snow that covers the green grass and all the leaves. Thankfully, it’s happened TWICE in the last month. The first time was in the middle of October, it was a bit of a shock. We didn’t expect it to be so much snow over night, and when we woke up we had no power. The weight of the snow had downed the power lines in about 5 different places around us. It was out from 1am-11am, and then again from about 2pm-9pm. It was a day spent reading by candle light, the whole family in the living room with our fireplace on. Thankfully my parents are allllll about the gas appliances – gas fireplace (starts without power), gas oven/stove (starts with a match when there is no power), gas bbq! So we were very comfortable for the day.

This time, I was able to capture the snow as it came!!

9am - first flakes!

9am – first flakes!

11am - finally starting to accumulate

11am – finally starting to accumulate

5pm - just starting to collect on the road

5pm – just starting to collect on the road

7pm - road covered now

7pm – road covered now

9am the next morning

9am the next morning

Look how pretty!

Look how pretty!

As you can tell it’s that great packing snow! I went out and made a little, 2 ball, snowman. The little puppy eat his head…. And now the pups are frolicking in the back yard, and running around the house. The snow clumping on their fur – falling off the big one as he runs through the house, the little one running behind him licking the clumps of snow off the carpet.

My neighbour across the street shouting HO HO HO to those passing by as he shovels his steps and driveway.

There are technically 4 houses on our street. Us on this side, and then 3 on the other side of the road. The one on the corner belongs to a sweet old lady who lives all alone in a huge two story house. The front of her house faces a different street but she always uses her back door which, after 6 steps, has a little walkway to our street. The other three on our street, my dad, D and M take turns using their “manly snow blowers” to clear out her walk every time it snows. By the time my parents left for church, one of these sweet men had already cleared off the rock hard slush left by the city plow.

To leave you in even more of a Christmas spirit, here are a few of my favourite songs of the season:

I’m Dreaming of a White Christmas – Bing Crosby (seriously I love his voice)

Carol of the Bells – Pentatonix (talk about talent!)

All I want for Christmas Is You – Mariah Carey (only her version)

O, Holy Night – Josh Groban (any version will do basically) This is my all time favourite carol!

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