It’s coming up quickly!

It seems lately that everyone and everything knows that I’m leaving. It’s kind of hard to keep the news away from people: it’s on my Facebook and twitter, friends tell their friends, my parents (read my mom) emails to everyone telling them I’m going again and how upset she is, etc. etc. But its the everything that is starting to get to me! 

First of all, let’s start with my dog. He started off as my birthday present when I was 20, but when I moved out for my last term in university he stayed with my parents and has basically been their dog ever since. Well lately, he’s just been moping around the house and looking all sad all the time. He even has spent quite a few days just sitting on my bed sleeping – something that he never does unless there is a thunderstorm. But look at that cute little face!! ❤

Mother nature seems to know – we are suppose to be getting a massive blizzard of snow over the next few hours (10-15 cm! Pictures to come probably tomorrow) And while we did get a nice amount about a month ago, that really nice wet heavy snow which took out power lines and we were stuck for 12 hours without power, this time I think it’s actually here to stay! I love snow! It’s something I will miss living in Korea. It snows in Korea, it just doesn’t live up to the Canadian “grew up in the snow belt” girl that lives inside of me.

Lastly, even my clothes have figured out that I’m leaving!! In my running around getting ready to pack, I’ve been replacing certain items that I know will be hard or impossible to get while I’m in Korea. One of these items were bras (oooo giggle giggle she said bras!! Hope that’s out of your system now ;)). I was wearing my current favourite the other day when I was out for lunch with a friend. She drove me home since she wanted to play with the puppies, and I hardly bent down to pet one and I felt something crunch. Found out later the wire had snapped! Not just once – oooo no my friends – twice! It’s now in THREE different pieces! Thankfully none of them cut through the fabric. All you ladies out there know what I’m talking about – nothing is worse than being impaled by the sharp cold metal of lingerie wires!  So into the garbage that one goes – and goodbye to the feeling great while wearing it.

Since things in Canada have decided to act up since I’m leaving, I hope that things in Korea are getting set for my arrival next Saturday!



4 thoughts on “It’s coming up quickly!

  1. Wow, you’re going to have a really interesting trip for sure! I’m sure you’ll live without the snow. I wouldn’t miss it one bit if I had to leave Finland to go to Korea 😀


    • I will survive without snow. This time I will a little bit farther north and closer to the coast so I’m hoping for some lake effect flurries 🙂 Last time, there was at most 1cm of snow at all times. Very sad…. can’t even make a decent snowman with that


    • O same here with the traveling in snow. I had a spin out two years ago and ever since then I get so nervous and anxious. Not good when I’m a supply teacher and have to travel to different schools, and when I live in the country haha

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