Curiouser and Curiouser

I know that we are suppose to be answering a question from our contact page today, but I have packed up my little book that I have written them all down in. However, in place of answering one of your questions (please use my “ask me anything” tab and I’ll get back to you!) I have decided to ask a few questions of my own – but specifically to those people who live in Britain and watch British television. So here we go! 

First of all – I LOVE British television. I’m not sure what it is about it, but I really do love it. My tastes seem to vary depending on my mood when I get introduced to a show though. For instance, I absolutely hate Mr. Bean and Monty Python, but I loooooovvvvveeee Fawlty Towers. Like most people I know, Downton Abbey is high on my list of top shows I’ve ever seen. Then of course there are the mini-series, like Jane Austen remakes or Jane Eyre and other period dramas that suck me right in.

Just a few questions though:

  1. Why are seasons so short?! If I’m just starting a new series, and I’m just really getting invested in the story line and the characters, and then “oh, it’s been 6 episodes come back next year” Like Sherlock – I haven’t seen a new episode in so long I’m going to have to go back and re-watch at least the last season just to feel like I understand it enough whenever the new season comes out.
  2. While some shows end in a nice tidy bow (North and South), some others leave you totally hanging (Bluestone 42) what’s the deal with that?!
  3. Speaking of Bluestone 42, I have watched the series in its entirety 3 times. I love it – I grew up watching MASH with my parents and having this as the war show for my generation is amazing. I can not stop telling people at it! Even after seeing it all 3 times over, I still laugh my face off! So my question is: is it coming back?
  4. If it is not coming back, PLEASE for the love of sweet baby Jesus, someone tell me what happened to Simon! I don’t care if you make it up, or if you know the actor himself (Stephen Wight) and he tells you want he thinks. Or ya know, maybe you are friends with Jamie Quinn or Scott Hoatson (Mac and Rocket) and they have theories of their own. I JUST NEED TO KNOW!
  5. Why did I, half way through writing this post, switch to narrating my ideas in my head in a Scottish accent? I know I’m half Scottish and my grandma would be proud, but it’s just a tad bit weird.


Ok British friends, help me out here! Especially with number 4, because you can’t just end a series with a man sitting in a cave and not let people know what happens to him! Not cool at all!


4 thoughts on “Curiouser and Curiouser

  1. I haven’t watched any of the British sows you have mentioned and I am not British.
    But i hate it when shows end abrubtly or without proper closure.
    So, even though i have no idea what you are talking about – here, goes –
    1. Bluestone 42 is coming bak, definitely. (Please don’t kill me if it actually doesn’t come back!)
    2. Simon got married to Lauren Silverman. Wait, is that not the Simon you were talking about. Oh, well…!
    3. Mac and Rocket joined him in the cave and they became cavemen, got married and had a baby, who everybody knew to be a devil but was really just a vampire. Later, Baby got married to Baba who was a werewolf.
    4. Mac and Rocket got divorced and got married again, then got divorced and got married a third time. (Who are Mac and Rocket, anyway?!)
    5. You are the one thinking in a Scottish accent, so why are the bagpipes are playing in my head.
    6. Someone please tell me Meredith (grey’s anatomy) finds Derek Shepherd alive and well. And that his death was just a bad dream.

    And now, before i get wacked hard I am outta here!

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    • I wish there is a way to like something more than once because this is the greatest reply in the history of replies!

      Although I do really suggest checking out Bluestone 42 – all the episodes are online on various sites, but I generally just stick to watching them on youtube. It’s HILARIOUS! Or I think so at least 🙂

      And of course Meredith finds Derek! Although I didn’t know he was dead – I stopped watching like 5 years ago.

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