A Pretty Great Day

This week has been horrendous! With all of the hiccups with my selling my car and waiting for my visa to return from the consulate, etc…. Then I started to over think everything – what if my visa didn’t get back in time, would I have to give up my contract and not go, we’re suppose to be getting snow, OMG please don’t let the snow cancel my flight. It just went on and on. Then I woke up this morning and today is the day that it all had to happen for my car.

I was awoken by my mom making breakfast, which is usually a good thing but since I was stressing about the bank situation I wasn’t even focused on how nice it was to have an omelette hit the table just as I was walking into the kitchen. I got ready, and checked the status of the tracking number for my visa online – ACTIVATED! YES!

I get to the dealership, go in, the lady I have been dealing with was there and everything was ready! My dad came with me to drive me back into town and he had my plates removed while I was signing paper work. Get back into town, I was the first person in line at the bank, and got the teller I wrote my post on Tuesday about. She was so thankful for the flower, and I’m glad that it made her day better. There was a little snag on the computer but in less than 30 minutes I had my loan paid off in full and will get a phone call as soon as their loan department gets the all clear! SUCCESS!

Walk across the street to the post office – check my post box and it’s empty. Maybe dad grabbed the mail after he dropped me at the bank. So I take my tracking slip into the main office and have the lady there check the status of my package. She said it was process at 3am going out so it might be here…turns around and it’s on the counter just about to be put into my po box! She scans it, I walk away! MY VISA HAS ARRIVED!

Go home, I am able to book a seat on a non-stop flight from Toronto to Korea! NO STOPS!  No layovers, no “get bags from baggage, go thru customs, put bags back into baggage claim, go thru security, wait 3 hours for the next flight”. It was a little bit more than I was expecting and I couldn’t find the option to have an open ended ticket for whenever I come back but oh wells! FLIGHT BOOKED!

Emailed my recruiter, she passed on the info to her contact in Korea. I have a shuttle booked to pick me up the morning of my flight, went out for lunch with my “work wife” from Tim Hortons, gave my license plates back to Service Ontario and I’m getting $25 back from the government since my plates were registered until April! BOO-FREAKING-YAH!

After all the headaches this week with everything, my stress levels have dropped 10,000%. Especially now that my flight is booked and I have my passport back. *calming deep breaths* Now if only I can muster up the determination to organize what is left in my room and start packing…. maybe on Monday hehe!


3 thoughts on “A Pretty Great Day

  1. Wow you had a great day indeed! I love when everything works out. I on the other hand went to buy a new charger for my phone. Guy said it would fit. Now I have to go back because it was too big! Oh well!


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