Is it weird…

Is it weird to send flowers to your banker? I ask this, because it’s exactly what I did today.

In the course of moving, I have to sell my car. Since this is my first car loan, I had just assumed that I would take whatever money I got for the car, pay off that much on the loan and then keep making my bi-weekly payments until the loan was paid off. Apparently you have to close out the loan completely so there is no lean on the car. So after a mini-panic attack, I went to my bank last week and we chatted about my options.

Since I’m moving out of the country for an extended amount of time, the solution was this: I would get a credit card that I have already been pre-approved for and put the remaining balance on it. The card only having a 1.9% rate of interest for 10 months. Which gives me plenty of time to pay it all off. Since I needed the money before the card would arrive in the mail, I would get a client card, and each day take out $1000 from the ATM and transfer it into my personal bank account until I had the amount I needed.

My first day taking out the amount was yesterday, and then I got a call from the bank about 30 minutes later. I called them back and they said nothing was wrong. This morning I go back to the ATM to repeat the process and I was locked out!! My card had been identified as a “hot card” by the fraud department. So after two phone calls by me in the bank parking lot, I was told I had to go inside so the teller could reset my status manually. So I go in. Then the poor lady behind the counter spent the next hour and 10 minutes dealing with just me, the fraud department, and the visa company. She made call after call after call, tried and failed many times to reset my account, issued a new client card only to have it rejected. Finally she just told me to go home and she would call me when she got it sorted. I didn’t even have my car started and she was out of the bank waving me back in! She had found some loop hole which allowed her to take the amount I needed off my card in full (saving me 3 more trips out of town to the bank machine I would need to deposit that money). She had worked her magic to get it, even though she wasn’t technically allowed to.

There I was, frustrated and full of anxiety. Driving out of town with this huge amount of money in car cup holder, I was slowly regaining my composure. The other teller at the bank was praising my level headedness in the face of all the frustration, but I was more surprised at the lady who was helping me through all of it. By the time I had finally gotten home, I knew I had to thank her in some way. So after lunch I went to the local florist and had a little flower bowl sent over for her. I didn’t get to see the final result, just explained to the florist what I wanted. This is what I’m hoping will get to her though.


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