My Life According To Buzzfeed

So I was just sitting here, minding my own business, checking my Buzzfeed app when I came across a quiz. Now I LOVE Buzzfeed quizzes. I really should add it to my list of guilty pleasures that I wrote up in August. So this got me thinking…what if Buzzfeed could accurately predict my life? Or how accurate are their quizzes actually based on my personality. So I decided to stop the amazing plans I had for the evening (of doing nothing) and waste the next, probably hour of my life doing Buzzfeed quizzes!! I will try to organize them in some sort of way as I go… anyone else jumping down this rabbit hole with me? Ready? One…..two……thr…. HEY NO PUSHING! 

First of all, let’s start with the rules, I’m actually taking these tests as I write this. I started emailing some to myself, and it just blew up my inbox so I had to open my laptop and start writing this before I got lost in all the quizzes just taking them and not reporting the results. I will answer as truthfully as I can and not try to get a certain result. I will not take a test more than once to change my answers to my “second choice” answers. Although a bunch will be based on my zodiac sign so no biggie there. I’ll link the quiz so look for the pink word, I’ll set it up to open in a new window in case you feel the need to go along with my insanity as well.

Gender: According to this sometimes disgusting “would you rather” quiz, I am a woman in my mid-20’s! Whoa Buzzfeed you are 100% RIGHT! 28 is mid-20’s right? I am actually shocked on this one. But seriously upset too, why would you ask me to choose between marrying Ryan Reynolds and Idris Elba? Cruel….

Just to be sure, I took one more Age/Gender quiz. This time it was a word association test. A woman in her early 20’s. Close enough.

Now let’s see if they can determine which zodiac sign I am! First based on my Favourite Celebs, Now this one was a hard quiz, there was hardly a clear choice in each category. Some I had no idea who anyone was in the question….and I got Aquarius. Nope wrong. Based on picking a simple colour it said Gemini, again wrong. BUT this quiz, which says they can guess your zodiac sign based on my zodiac sign was 100% accurate!  I’m an Aries 🙂

Okies, so let’s take my real zodiac and put it to use. If I had more time, or was just a little more of an insane person, I might retake these tests again with my fake sign, but let’s face it…we all have lives here!

Favourite school subject: Civics, meh I liked it enough, not my favourite though

This weekend I should: visit a museum – HECK YES!

Best board game for me: Monopoly, in all fairness I love all board games so there was no wrong answer here. But I crush at monopoly…you want me as an ally not an enemy.

Major in University: criminal justice, I did take political science so kinda close…

Canadian celeb to marry: Drake, ewww. I mean the boy is fine but as “Drake” the singer, no thanks. (please send all hate mail to my non-existent twin 🙂 )

Who I want for Christmas: Idris Elba – um yes please! If anyone knows him, send him my info 😉

Why I’m single: a bad kisser….hmmms I wonder if this is true or not…

Which sign I am most incompatible with: Cancer (June 21-July22), apparently I’m bold and outspoken and Cancers are quiet and reserved. They said I’m explosive with my own sign, but the sign I should be with is Leo (July 23 – Aug 22), apparently we could rule the world. Coincidentally, my current crush is a leo.

Now just a few random quizzes, not based on zodiac signs:

Future Job: online cam model

I am a posh and slightly repressed Scot, but a hopeless yet lovable Brit (I am Scottish and British on my mom’s side)

Based on my Netflix choices I should live in Bristol, this quiz says the city I should live in Cape Town. If I stay in Canada, I should live in  British Columbia, but to be fair I hated all, or didn’t know, the Canadian songs they gave me to choose from so this one can’t be too accurate.

My celebrity sugar daddy should be: Liam Neeson, I might be compatible with my celebrity crush (thinking of Shemar Moore for this one), but really, I should marry a colleague. And I should definitely get a puppy, not a baby.

And finally! Two very important questions:

As a Canadian, am I more Starbucks or Tim Hortons: Tim Hortons (obvi!)

The name of my reality show would be: America’s Next Top Player.

Well Buzzfeed, I have to say – you have opened my eyes to what my life should be, and I will start taking the steps to put it about. Anyone have Idris Elba’s phone number?


4 thoughts on “My Life According To Buzzfeed

  1. was laughing, as i was reading. i definitely should take the puppy or baby quiz. And the coffee (its starbucks) and reality show (masterchef australia) quiz just to check accuracy! 😉


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