When I’m not writing…

When I’m not writing.. I’m being a lazy bum! Not really, but sometimes it feels that way! 

Since writing is not my full time job, when I’m not writing I hope to be teaching. Teaching is my true passion, and writing is more like a hobby for me. It helps me unwind, and reflect on things that have happened that day, or just in life in general. the first day of teacher’s college we were told we would be reflecting a lot that year, and boy did we reflect! Reflection sections at the end of our day plans, weekly journals we had to hand in for marks, sitting with our mentors and trainers to talk about how we felt the last day, week, month, had gone. So now it’s pretty much a part of my daily life to reflect. Writing helps me do that.

Since I have pretty much been unemployed for the last 3 months (Dear Lord please end it soon!) I have had a lot of free time. I started my blog about a week after I quit my part time food industry job. I have always had a dream of having a book published, and I have a children’s book already written, but for me, writing is still just a hobby. When I’m not writing to clear my mind, there are lots of other things I like to do!

Photography: I love taking pictures of nature and architecture. A few years ago I invested in a beautiful DSLR and have been enchanted with it ever since.

662-Eilean Donan castle mya 288-gyeongbokgung 182 - s.g

Crafts: I like to say that my mother has successfully domesticated me. I can cook, bake, clean, sew, knit, cross stitch, set a table properly (although probably not to Mr. Carson’s standards on Downton Abbey), keep a house. For the most part, I saw it as a little bit of a defeat, but I love to do most of those things! Knitting and Cross stitch are my favourites, and I spent most of September and October making gifts for my friends who had just had babies.


I love to read: books, articles, magazines – all these places get the ideas flowing in my mind.

And sometimes, I just like to lay in my bed watching full seasons of tv shows from the beginning (currently Bluestone 42) and being a lazy bum!


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