Dear Starbucks, From a Christian

Can we take a small moment to just look at how foolish this #Cupgate2015 is? What is the deal? Everyone is getting all upset over a secular company releasing a simple design for the holidays. In no way did the cups released in previous years reflect the Christian story or message – they were beautiful designs that showcased the warm feelings of the winter season. For people to be upset over such a trivial thing is a tad ridiculous!

I constantly see Christians being put down and discredited in the media, and in life around me, for our beliefs and how we live our lives. And this does nothing to end that – we are seen as backwards thinkers and out of touch with modernization. Thank you to the few who are keeping that stereotype alive by this nonsense.

In no way does a disposable cup define my idea of Christmas or the holiday season. i honestly don’t understand this. For those of you who are looking for a little chuckle over this, I present to you Ellen! And for those who are upset over the cup, she offers a viable solution at the end of the clip 🙂


3 thoughts on “Dear Starbucks, From a Christian

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  2. I agree, it sucks that there are people out there criticizing Christians for everything we do. Then again, Jesus said we’d be persecuted for following Him and His ways – so I guess there is really nothing we can do. No matter where we go there will be haters. All we can do is just turn the other cheek and keep our cool. The worst thing is when a Christian gets offended and ends up making a hypocrite of themselves by getting upset over what a non-Christian says – I know, I’ve been there. Thankfully I’ve learned and it’s a struggle to not say anything, but it’s possible.

    Anyway, about the cups… I really don’t see the big deal. You have a point, Starbucks is a secular company so why did we expect them to have Christian values in their cupware? Honesly, I didn’t notice the difference at first. Even so, I think the plain red cups are a classy look for the holiday season.

    And I think Ellen has an answer for everything! Haha 🙂 Maybe she should be the next President… we’d be laughing a lot more, for sure.


    • Well said! I didn’t notice the cups until it was a social media thing. I live an hours drive from any starbucks so it’s not really on my radar. But I agree, I like the simple red design. And if I were an American, I’d vote for Ellen for President!!

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