3 Hour Scruff <3

Found in my old journal – I can remember exactly the moment which sparked this little “love paragraph”. I was working at a grocery store, and had become fast friends with one of the managers there. He was a few years older than me and had the most beautiful blue eyes. When I was not staring lovingly at him, I remember his ideas and values made him a complete jerk. I was a hopeless romantic when I was 23…. 

3 Hour Scruff:

I leaned in, so close the three hour scruff on your chin was visible. You wanted to know if you smelled good. A simple question for you, but a dream for me. As I inhaled, I wondered what it would be like to lightly kiss that jawline so close to my face. A feeling I know I will never experience. I complement the new scent, then offer an off the cuff insult. Oh, how sarcasm has become our friend in the almost inappropriate “relationship” we have. You always smile at our back and forth. Our secret inside jokes make the hours pass faster. I hope you don’t know it makes my heart flutter when you do that. One look into your soulful blue eyes sends my heart soaring like a candy wrapper caught in an updraft.

I am pretty sure that last sentence I paraphrased off of a Simpson’s episode! Looking back in this journal, I find myself back at 23. My hopes and dreams come leaping off the page. Entries like this make me giggle. I know exactly who it is about, and how we became friends. He started as a manager right after Christmas and I had just moved out on my own for the last term of university. After about 2 weeks, he asked me one day if I wanted a ride home. I only lived a 15 minute walk from the store so I politely declined the offer. He apparently didn’t understand the word no, so the rest of the day he kept bugging me about it. Finally at about 5 minutes before quitting time for the night, he dropped his stuff at the front cash counter and said “Ok, I’ll be ready in 5 minutes.” So he drove me home. The first time we closed the store together on a Saturday night (the night I had to stay late to reset all the cash flows for the store) he drove me home again, since apparently Kitchener-Waterloo is a dangerous place at 10pm for a “young lady to be walking alone”. We became work best friends shortly after and remained so until I left for Korea the first time.


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