Writing 101: Hook them in!

“This industry puts a bad view on plus-size women and the way we dress, and it’s because we don’t have options,” Ashley Nell Tipton

When I started thinking about this assignment, I was torn between many different quotes and directions I wanted to go. If I’m not teaching, the first thing I do after the call out time has ended is to do my blog for the day. Lately I’ve been spending about an hour each morning in writing my post, and then exploring the commons for the two courses I’m taking. This morning, since it is a PD Day in my board, I indulged in one of my guilty pleasures (you can see a post on them here) and watched the finale of Project Runway while I was having breakfast. It changed my direction completely!

WARNING: There WILL be spoilers from this point forward. If you love this show as much as I do, and have not watched the finale, walk away from your computer now. Close the window, and come back after 🙂

I had two favourites going into the finale, Kelly and Ashley. Kelly had such a quirky sense of style, and one that I was drawn to with all her brightness and glitter. But I L-O-V-E-D Ashley – she had so much of me in her that I instantly connected to her. I share the same struggle as her, being a plus sized woman, and trying to find clothes that match my personality and also my body shape. I have to admit, over the last few years as I have learned to love myself, it has become easier for me to find clothes that I love. I am no longer shy of my shape or size and love to accent certain parts of it. I have a tattoo on my foot, and where before I would buy baggy jeans and pants, nothing tight at all, now I have exclusively skinny jeans. I love how I feel in them and I love that when I look down at whatever cute shoes I happen to be wearing that day, I can see the ink on my foot without having to adjust the material attached to my leg.

I applaud Ashley for her work on project runway. While watching her collection on the runway, I felt inspired. Almost everything she had designed I could imagine myself wearing. She did a great article for buzzfeed, explaining more about her self and how she views the fashion industry. Don’t you just love what she is wearing in the pictures?! That watermelon skirt can just transport right into my closet! She totally hits the nail on the head by stating that by ignoring the plus sized market, the fashion world is missing out on a multi-million dollar consumer. Plus-sized women are here and we deserve clothes that make us feel good about our bodies and our self-image. I am so  glad she pushed herself and won the entire show!

As a self-proclaimed “fattie”, I get this. I also hate having to pay SO MUCH for clothes. Melissa McCarthy just released a line for a popular plus sized brand Penningtons, and she claimed that it was an affordable line for plus sized women. I have friends who can go into a store and pay anywhere from $5 for on-sale jeans, up to $20 full price. If I want a new pair of jeans, they will almost always cost me at least $60. On-sale for me means $40. A single shirt will cost me that much. So when this line was released I was super excited! I waited patiently for it to be released online and the day it came out I took the chance to look through it. While the clothes were semi-stylish, I found a lot of them to be the classic over-sized, “let’s hide the body” clothes that I was used to seeing. For a poncho that is in no way flattering to my body shape, I definitely will not be paying between $130-$150 for it. I was a little shocked and extremely saddened.

As a plus-sized shopper, I tend to shop plus-sized lines at regular stores. Some have made good attempts at trying to understand the plus-sized form. Although some just think that by adding a few inches in the straps, it makes everything all better – all that creates is the shirt sitting waaaayyy to low and my chest being exposed.

Based on quality and money spent, I suggest Maurices or Reitmans. I have high hopes for the Rebel Wilson line from Torrid, and also Yours Clothing – both of which I have yet to try but just by browsing their sites, I am loving it all! And of course, as Ashley was just crowned the new Project Runway winner, I am over the moon for her, and can not wait to start seeing her work in stores!


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