10 Rejected Ideals

For the Writing 101 assignment today, we were asked to write a list. I got the email last night and immediately started thinking about what lists I could write, my brain and planner are full of lists – things to buy, things to donate, friends to see, items to pack, items to box and leave at home, ways I have failed my mother, ways I exceed my own expectations. Then it hit me, the list I am constantly going back to: societal ideals that I reject and am better for it

I don’t like to say that I am a rebel. I tend to go with the flow of things in life. But there are certain paths that I will not take just because societal values and norms tell me to. Here is a list of 10 of those values and norms I have personally rejected:

  1. I should be married by now
  2. I should have kids by now
  3. I should be in a long term committed relationship at this point in my life
  4. I should own my own house, or be in the process of getting my own house (not an apartment – a full on house)
  5. I should feel like a failure if I haven’t accomplished the above
  6. I should keep my strong opinions to myself
  7. I should have a full time, secured job in my field after being out of school for more than 1 year
  8. I need to be skinny to be loved
  9. I need to dislike myself because I am not skinny
  10. I shouldn’t travel by myself – it makes me look lonely and sad

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