Who am I and why do I write

I’ve signed up for the Blogging 101 and Writing 101 courses, so I figured I would take a quick minute to answer both first day questions all in one post. Just in case some of my fellow course mates happen to drop by and don’t want to read all the way back to when I’ve posted before. 

So who am I: in a nut shell, I’m a 28 year old female, poking fun at the “love is for everyone” comment in my blog name. I feel like what people really mean is that love is for everyone, but not big girls, or fatties. I’m not ashamed of that part of my life, as you will see in my posts. I am trained and licensed to be a teacher. I live in Southwestern Ontario, Canada, but in a few weeks will be moving to South Korea to teach. It will be my second time moving there, although this time I hope it will be a little more permanent.

Why I write: sometimes I just need to vent, sometimes it’s because I want to share something with someone but don’t know who so I post it here and whoever happens to read it will be that person. I do have strong opinions on certain issues, and other times I can be quite ditzy. I think my writing style is kind of tongue in cheek, definitely not on the professional level but I hope that it connects with whom ever is reading it.

What do I write about: well that depends on the day. I did a nice 4 part series back a while ago about my dating life… I’m not sure what compelled me to share such intimate details but its there now. I write about my family and life, and just things that are happening. I started out wanting to write every day, and I kept it up for a little bit but then school started back up and I became busy with supply teaching and getting my documents ready for my job in Korea.

So that’s pretty much it.


6 thoughts on “Who am I and why do I write

  1. Why do you call yourself GigglingFattie. I think you should rename your blog as GigglingBeauty. 🙂 Loved your writing. Hope to read more. 🙂


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