Post-Election Blues

After almost 3 months of election campaigning, Canadians have finally cast their votes and elected a new leader. Now we can move from party bashing, to citizen bashing. 

Canada’s electoral system can be a little confusing to those who live else-where and actually care about our elections (possibly only the USA). We have a short campaign race compared to the USA, this election was a whopping 78 days – compared to what seems to me, and entire year long campaign in the USA.

This election, Canadians were fed up with current Prime Minister Harper, and after 10 years of him in power had decided that it was time for a change. Well, change is what we got! Not only was Harper ousted from office, he was replaced by a majority Liberal government. Some people might think, of course it was a majority – but in Canada we have more than 2 parties, so sometimes we have minority governments. When this happens, the government picks another party to play ruler with and they make what is called a coalition. They are to work together against the official opposition and run government as pals, supporting the bills put forward in parliament.

Here is my problem, as I mentioned in my previous post, I am always on the fence on who to vote for. I’m an honest person so let’s be honest: I voted NDP. Not because it was the best choice for my riding, but because I knew Conservatives were going to win here. Instead of supporting the incumbent,who is a really stand up guy, I voted for the party I wanted to have more funding for the next election. If a party receives more than 5% (I think) of the total vote, then  for each vote cast in their favour they receive $2.50 (I think) for the next election as funding. Some might call it “strategic voting” but whatever. I knew my riding was going to go a certain way, as it has for the last few elections, and I’m ok with that. Our MP will do a great job no matter who is leading the country. Although this is apparently his first time working as the opposition so I guess we shall have to wait and see.

I’m glad that Harper is out of power. I’m glad that there is a change. I’m not happy that the Liberals have a majority, but as a facebook friend stated so nicely in her post-election status update “I voted so I’m allowed to bitch”. A little crass for my tastes, but it’s my sentiments exactly. I took the time to go out and vote, and if the results were not in my favour, then I can at least say I made an effort.

It may be natural for people to complain after an election. But the extent of it on social media is ridiculous. My entire newsfeed is filled with hateful messages and disappointments. Some from my religious friends who don’t like that a Liberal Government supports non-religious items such as abortion and free choice for women (please don’t lump me into that group just because I am a Christian. I am very much pro-choice). Yet they didn’t like when Harper was in government.

My question for the general public is this: If you didn’t want Harper in government anymore, then why are you upset that he is gone and that you have the only other party to ever form a government in Canada? Correct me if I’m wrong but I am 98% sure that there have ever only been Conservative or Liberal Prime Ministers, or the various parties they grew out of. There has never been an NDP, and after the death of Jack Layton I didn’t expect that to change this election. There has never been a Bloc Prime Minister, and doubtful that there ever will be since they just run on Quebec ballots. So is it REALLY that shocking to have a Liberal run government?

As I was scrolling through my various news feeds this morning, trying to find something that wasn’t “Trudeau wins! Harper to step down as leader” or “Great job uneducated Canadians…” I found this perfect little gem:

“7% more people voted this election, not including those who registered on election day – way to go people!!!”

That is why I love Canada – even though every non-Liberal person is waking up this morning and regretting the outcome of the election, there are still those who can find a silver lining in all that disappointment.


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