The one thing I learned from Criminal Minds

Aside from the fact that Shemar Moore is a FOX, and it doesn’t matter how old he is I will marry him the second he asks me, but I have learned one very important lesson from Criminal Minds

I will never be abducted by some crazy serial killer.

I know the one rule most women say after watching horror movies is that since their bra and panties don’t match they know they will never be a victim. BUT I challenge that a little further! Not only do my under things never match, but not ONCE during the entire 10 seasons of the show has a fat girl been taken, attacked, targeted etc. Aside from the main character Penelope Garcia, who over the course of two episodes was shot by an “angel of death” because he thought she was on to him. She wasn’t the main object of his crimes, he was just trying to resist detection for as long as possible.

I am very into crime dramas like Criminal Minds. NCIS, Blue Bloods, Dexter, Castle etc. I get sucked right in. But after watching all of them, I can safely say that I have like a 1% chance of ever being the object of some crazy’s obsession. Maybe that’s why I have no real desire to slim down…subconsciously I am keeping myself safe from ending up as a story line for one of these shows?


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