Guilty Pleasures

We all have our own little guilty pleasures. I’m not talking about anything dirty or kinky, I just mean, things that make us happy that might be embarrassing to admit to our friends. Something along the lines of Anna Kendrick admitting on a late night talk show that she likes to drive to Taco Bell at 2 in the morning and eat her purchase in her car in the parking lot.

Lately I really only have a small number of guilty pleasures. Over the summer it’s usually reality tv. I L-O-V-E LOVE America’s Next Top Model. I just can’t get enough of it! I wait all year for it to start up again, having a membership to a website that tells me when it premiers and when a new episode has been aired. I think my connection to the show is based in the photography. I love photography and am always looking to improve my own craft, so seeing the behind the scene action that goes into making such beautiful photographs really appeals to me. I also like the drama. Who wouldn’t really? It’s so entertaining! I get to sit in the comfort of my own bedroom, probably eating some horribly fat filled snack, while the models yell and scream at each other. Or cry over their hair! Oh goodness! By far my favourite episode is always the makeover day. The girls they cry and cry! I would DIE if Tyra Banks wanted to give me a make over! But like we already discussed, she better have one great wig maker…..or just shave my head completely.

My other summer guilty pleasure is Project Runway. Again, I think its the creative side of me that really draws me into this show. I love seeing what the designers can imagine and make in 2 days. I can barely hem a pair of pants and here they are taking greeting cards and making ball gowns out of them! It’s amazing. I like to find my favourite designer and cheer them on, hoping they make great clothes and get all the way to fashion week.

Moving on from tv, my other guilty pleasures are normal things. I love nail polish! I think it’s from all my years working in the food industry and in retail where I wasn’t allowed to wear nail polish. Whenever I get the chance I have pretty colours on my nails, and I try my hand at drawing designs to make them look extra special. That being said, I had never had a professional manicure unti 3 weeks ago! Its shocking I know, but it’s true. I’ve had acrylic nails and gel nails but never a real manicure. It was a very relaxing experience, one I am glad that I experienced but I don’t think it’s one that I will be making a regular priority in life. Maybe if I was still in Korea I would…..

Lastly, books. I’m a teacher so I obviously LOVE books! Sitting here typing this, I look to the side wall of my room and I have an entire clothes basket full of books, a cardboard box about 1.5 feet by 1.5 feet, a cloth grocery bag, AND a full plastic bag. And that’s just what I have in my room. I also have about 3-5 boxes in the basement of books as well. I was at a town fair last weekend with a friend and I wanted to show her the thrift store there since she loves thrift stores and I do too. So we are looking around and we go upstairs and find their book section. I wasn’t going to buy anything! I didn’t even switch my sunglasses out for my regular glasses. But then I had to! I look at the pricing sheet on the wall and all kids books were 10 CENTS! GAH my heart shattered into a thousand pieces! Well I left with 18 books…. Mostly the babysitters club books, but I spent less than $2.  I can not control myself around books. If I go to the mall with you, do NOT let me near any books. Or if I just say “let’s just go in and look at them” you have to smack my hands away from buying anything. It’s ok, it’s the deal I have with all my friends, and since you’ve lasted with the crazy up to this point, I’m going to say we’re friends too 😉

So that’s pretty much about it! A few of my guilty pleasures. I should also add garden gnomes and hippos – but they aren’t really guilty pleasures. They are more just objects which I love. I don’t know when I started loving hippos but the obsession is quite real now. The garden gnomes….well find yourself a copy of the book “How to survive a garden gnome attack” by Chuck Sambuchino and after you have finished reading it we’ll talk.


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